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Max Pro V1.1.zip

Number of files in the archive47
Max Pro V1.1/_locales/en/messages.json1.57 KB
Max Pro V1.1/_locales/hi/messages.json1.57 KB
Max Pro V1.1/background.html139 Bytes
Max Pro V1.1/css/book.css640 Bytes
Max Pro V1.1/css/menu.css1.6 KB
Max Pro V1.1/img/icon.png35.1 KB
Max Pro V1.1/img/icon.svg868 Bytes
Max Pro V1.1/img/icon-128.png9.88 KB
Max Pro V1.1/img/icon-16.png1.15 KB
Max Pro V1.1/img/icon-32.png1.76 KB
Max Pro V1.1/img/icon-48.png2.77 KB
Max Pro V1.1/img/icon-64.png4.49 KB
Max Pro V1.1/img/icon-96.png6.98 KB
Max Pro V1.1/img/logo.png20.9 KB
Max Pro V1.1/js/browser-polyfill.min.js9.87 KB
Max Pro V1.1/js/jquery-3.1.1.min.js84.7 KB
Max Pro V1.1/manifest.json9.65 KB
Max Pro V1.1/menu.html4.27 KB
Max Pro V1.1/public/book.html944 Bytes
Max Pro V1.1/public/book.js347 Bytes
Max Pro V1.1/public/custom-polyfill.min.js808 KB
Max Pro V1.1/public/local_storage.js2.67 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/background.js187 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/connect.js656 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/contentScript.js52.5 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/fix.js2.85 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/irctctatkal.js12.8 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/menu.js5.83 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/nget.js258 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/nget_worker.js11.9 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/options.js23.4 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/pageScript.js12.5 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/patch.js33.4 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/payment.js216 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/payment_worker.js7.57 KB
Max Pro V1.1/static/js/recaptcha.js3.8 KB
Max Pro V1.1/web/css/chosen.min.css10.8 KB
Max Pro V1.1/web/css/jquery-ui.css37 KB
Max Pro V1.1/web/css/sweetalert.css23.3 KB
Max Pro V1.1/web/css/webext.css4.16 KB
Max Pro V1.1/web/images/icon-60.png3.65 KB
Max Pro V1.1/web/js/log.js5.11 KB
Max Pro V1.1/web/js/menu.js581 Bytes
Max Pro V1.1/web/js/options.js722 KB
Max Pro V1.1/web/js/otp.js16.5 KB
Max Pro V1.1/web/js/webext.js820 KB
Max Pro V1.1/web/options.html167 KB
Max Pro V1.1.zip (972 KB)
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