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Phone buttons.zip

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Samsung Galaxy S10/backspace.cs17.4 KB
Samsung Galaxy S10/button0.cs17.4 KB
Samsung Galaxy S10/button1.cs17.4 KB
Samsung Galaxy S10/button2.cs17.4 KB
Samsung Galaxy S10/button3.cs17.4 KB
Samsung Galaxy S10/button4.cs17.4 KB
Samsung Galaxy S10/button5.cs17.4 KB
Samsung Galaxy S10/button6.cs17.4 KB
Samsung Galaxy S10/button7.cs17.4 KB
Samsung Galaxy S10/button8.cs17.4 KB
Samsung Galaxy S10/button9.cs17.4 KB
Xiaomi Mi 8/backspace.cs17.4 KB
Xiaomi Mi 8/button0.cs17.4 KB
Xiaomi Mi 8/button1.cs17.4 KB
Xiaomi Mi 8/button2.cs17.4 KB
Xiaomi Mi 8/button3.cs17.4 KB
Xiaomi Mi 8/button4.cs17.4 KB
Xiaomi Mi 8/button5.cs17.4 KB
Xiaomi Mi 8/button6.cs17.4 KB
Xiaomi Mi 8/button7.cs17.4 KB
Xiaomi Mi 8/button8.cs17.4 KB
Xiaomi Mi 8/button9.cs17.4 KB
Copyright.txt219 Bytes
Google Pixel 3/backspace.cs17.4 KB
Google Pixel 3/button0.cs17.4 KB
Google Pixel 3/button1.cs17.4 KB
Google Pixel 3/button2.cs17.4 KB
Google Pixel 3/button3.cs17.4 KB
Google Pixel 3/button4.cs17.4 KB
Google Pixel 3/button5.cs17.4 KB
Google Pixel 3/button6.cs17.4 KB
Google Pixel 3/button7.cs17.4 KB
Google Pixel 3/button8.cs17.4 KB
Google Pixel 3/button9.cs17.4 KB
IPhone X/backspace.cs17.4 KB
IPhone X/button0.cs17.4 KB
IPhone X/button1.cs17.4 KB
IPhone X/button2.cs17.4 KB
IPhone X/button3.cs17.4 KB
IPhone X/button4.cs17.4 KB
IPhone X/button5.cs17.4 KB
IPhone X/button6.cs17.4 KB
IPhone X/button7.cs17.4 KB
IPhone X/button8.cs17.4 KB
IPhone X/button9.cs17.4 KB
Phone buttons.zip (298 KB)
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