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  • What is the maximum file size I can upload?

    You can upload files up to 100 MB. Total size of the files is not limited.

    Are there any download limits?


    How long will my files be available?

    The files are not removed by default, but you can choose to remove them after 1, 5, 60 or 90 days since the date of the last download, depending on the selected lifespan. However, according to the terms of service, the administration reserves the right to delete files any time, as well as modify the terms of service.

    What is the password for the file?

    We don't have this information. However, users often leave links to the sites where you can find the password or in the comments of the file.

    What tags can be used in the file description and comments?

    You can use Markdown markup language for that. Also, you can use safe html tags (b, i, u, h1, font, center, etc.) in the description.

    The file violates copyrights. Is it possible to remove it?

    We're not responsible for the user content. If you are the rightful owner you can let us know about the copyright violation.